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We have the right professionals to make the video and photo record of your adventures, or if you prefer, send us your clips or photos then we do all the rest in video editing.


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About us

Our story begins when Jorge Nogueira mentor of PhotoSkyDrone buys his first drone DJI FC40 his love for cameras and photography rapidly became the creation of brief videos.
From the experiences that were being carried out and so that one could have some stability in the acquisition of the image of the drone.
We get evolved as well as the DJI builder of drones that we used over these past three years.
Belatedly he was invited to collaborate with Jorge Nogueira and Fernando Pereira, Ricardo Fernandes, who very quickly fell in love with the project, and that is how PhotoSkyDrone was created, now well structured with studios and all the necessary tools some developed by us. In our workshops, it is prepared to make any type of video and or photography.
PhotoSkyDrone currently possesses three active elements, a photographer and two filmmakers and editors, thus building its path in the opening of new horizons and dreams, as António Gedeão says in Pedra Filosofal: “the dream commands life” and strength interior of each one of us and dedication heads us to blow this candle towards the future of our joint dream…

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